Rotate Device
Rotate the device

From P to A: our production process.

From the “P” of initial design to the “A” of after-sales service, our goal is to satisfy the customer’s needs and provide precise, targeted and final solutions.

Construction of moulds.
Design and Co-design

We develop the product concept using CAD and CAM systems specifically designed for plastic moulding. The customer can actively participate in the design process.


We guarantee maximum precision in the production process, thanks to cutting-edge technologies and highly specialised personnel.

Acceptance tests

Our internal testing area allows us to verify the quality and functionality of the mould before the customer inserts it into his production department.


We train the customer’s technicians for a correct maintenance of the mould, in order to obtain an effective remote assistance. In addition, where required, we offer direct on-site support.

Industry 4.0
Industry 4.0: improvement in continuous evolution.

Our approach is highly innovative, even in the choice of tools to be used.
Giurgola Stampi knows how to optimize its activities: this is why we have developed an Industry 4.0 plan, which has become fundamental within the company.

All equipment and resources are interconnected: physical and digital systems talk to each other in real time and bring benefits at all stages of production.
Software helps us control production efficiency, but for us the real 4.0 revolution lies in people’s ability to see production from a different perspective, not just focused on execution.

Our technicians constantly interact with 4.0 applications and monitor the quality of planning and production in real time, thus making departmental activities and mould processing more efficient.

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