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The detail of simplicity.

The entire production process is designed to offer a service of the highest quality. Only after careful checks have been carried out can the mould be used in the actual production phase. At the same time, customer assistance is a service of excellence.

To guarantee the customer an optimal result, we provide the internal testing service.
This first stage of mould validation is subject to a diligent analysis of all parts: we verify that every requirement of the project has been met and we demonstrate the complete suitability of the product.

For us at Giurgola Stampi, testing is a fundamental part of the production process, which allows us to offer our customers a 360° service.
We have, in fact, a test area of 250 square meters equipped with two-material injection machines from 80 to 650 tons, equipped with all the latest generation accessories.

Our equipment allows us to test the product at 100% through, for example, stress and function tests.

Giurgola Stampi is committed to providing simple and efficient solutions to customers and always guarantee an effective result. That is why we pursue simplicity at every stage.
We make scrupulous and precise choices to streamline and facilitate processes.

Each action is also aimed at facilitating routine maintenance by the customer after the delivery phase.
Our team is highly qualified to provide after-sales service. The relationship with the customer finds natural continuity even after the delivery of the moulds: in this phase we consolidate the trust of those who have chosen to rely on our reality, and we confirm their expectations.

Customers seeking quality deserve equally valuable services.

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