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Cosmetics and detergents.

Over the years, we have maintained a solid point of reference: investing in innovation. This has allowed us to open up and grow in different sectors: among these we distinguish ourselves in beauty packaging, which is subject to the increasingly competitive and demanding eye of customers and end users.
Moulds for mono and bi-colour flip tops, threaded caps, dispensers and push pulls: Giurgola’s proposal has evolved over time and continues to do so, to best respond to the trends in the sector, both aesthetic and functional.

We produce moulds that allow to make caps of different shapes and sizes. Our production and organisational capacity allows us to create a wide range of models, from the simplest and most traditional to the most unusual solutions.
In every single project we pay great attention to the aesthetic detail: we are aware that even the smallest detail makes the difference in this sector.

In fact, the cap contains the expectation of transmitting an idea of beauty: the quality of the mould is the starting point.

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