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How a company can be renovate? By always seeing its story and having the courage to go further.

To tell the identity of a company it is essential to remember its values, going to the root, and at the same time know how to observe its ability to innovate and renew itself.
The acknowledgement to be unique and distinguishable from all others, leads to the awareness of what you do and know how to do it.

Giurgola Stampi lays its foundations in 1983. We are an independent company, constantly focused on process improvement and customer satisfaction.
Our desire is to bring added value to the industry and develop successful, cutting-edge solutions.

The values of the founders, aimed at the continuous improvement of the quality and functionality of processes and results, are a heritage handed down over the years, until today, as a concrete sign of a great passion and ambition that go hand in hand with curiosity and spirit of initiative for a job that requires a desire to evolve and improve.

From the first specialization in the production of threaded caps, the nature has always been proactive towards the search for new solutions: this aptitude has led to the purchase of machinery that would allow to experiment the realization of technologically advanced products and to open up to new markets.
Investing in technical patents and maintaining a dynamic attitude has therefore been the drive to evolve towards the construction of moulds that produce increasingly complex parts and higher efficiencies, and to offer itself to an international clientèle.

“Trying to always improve is the idea behind every project and every relationship with the customer. Because the mould maker is a creator, an artist of mechanics: every time he invents something new, he does something different, he is the one who represents quality in production” – Rocco Giurgola, co-founder of Giurgola Stampi.

Giurgola Moulds Foundation

Born as a generalist mould maker, it has oriented its activity towards multi-cavity moulds, in particular for threaded caps, specializing in unscrewing moulds.

Construction of the first flip-top cap

The first transformation takes place compared to the traditional unscrewing cap. This step represents an epoch-making turning point, as it introduces the company into an innovative and continuously developing market, still today the main reference market.

Transfer to Albiate (MB)

The extension and the new premises see the application of the first injection moulding machine that allows the testing phase internalisation, providing the testing information between the mould maker and the transformer. New machines are introduced that allow an increase in the company’s technological level.

Unscrewing mould patent

The company invests in a technical patent for unscrewing moulds.

First flip-top mould for foreign countries. First multicoloured flip-top mould

This step introduces the company in an international environment, today the foreign market covers 50% of the production. The introduction of the new technology, moreover, brings the market of the flip top cap to be the core business for Giurgola Stampi.

Introduction of a new press

The exportation has led to an increase in the number of cavities and the size of the moulds. The introduction of a larger injection moulding machine allowed the testing phase to continue.

Transfer to Capriano di Briosco (MB)

In the new production site, in addition to the purchase of new machinery, an automated island is designed and installed allowing further technological evolution.
It is a 24/7 active anthropomorphic robot, which is interconnected with machines of different production technologies.

Work in progress

The company is constantly evolving.

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