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Giurgola Stampi Made.

The continuous evolution in design, a precise planning of production, the total involvement and training of employees: here is the binder that allows to build high quality moulds.

From the design or co-design phase to testing, we want to perform all the operations with maximum attention to detail.
Founded in 1983 to create uniqueness in the sector, the company stands out for:

  • its ability to imagine the finished product, ready for sale on the market
  • its ability to design a mould according to the needs of the client
  • its search for simplicity
  • its search for productive efficiency
  • its professional training of staff

Giurgola Stampi Made means thinking about innovative solutions and working every day to maximize efficiency. And make a difference in the marketplace.
We think that our style is the distinctive element, the one that makes us easily recognizable.
Order, planning, security and sharing are constant in our production process. For us, innovation means investing in people, and putting them at the centre of every process. For this reason, we believe that the sharing and collaboration of different departments is essential, aspects that today differentiate us from other realities.

Each of our operations is designed to provide production solutions targeted to the needs of our customers.

We export our value all over the world.

Sensitive to the demands of a market constantly evolving, Giurgola Stampi has transformed technical and production flexibility into a strong point.

And it is this approach that has allowed the company to be competitive and appreciated abroad.
We adopt solutions to obtain high quality products and we look for the best interaction between the moulds and the equipment available to the customer, in order to obtain fast production cycles with optimized costs.

Today, Giurgola Stampi exports to: Europe, Turkey, Central and South America.

Our vision, your satisfaction. Together, for the best possible design.
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