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From Idea to Object: The R&D process in Giurgola Stampi | Giurgola Stampi


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From Idea to Object:
The R&D process in Giurgola Stampi

The Concept Phase at Giurgola Stampi

The research and development (R&D) process at Giurgola Stampi is distinguished by its meticulousness and innovative approach to creating high-precision plastic molds. It starts with a concept and ideation phase, which forms the core of every project. Here, our design team, not only transforms an idea into a concrete project, but also actively collaborates with the client to fully understand their needs and specific requirements for the final product.

This phase is not just a simple brainstorming session but a true phase of engineering the plastic part, where our technical office works to optimize the client’s 3D file to ensure excellent results.

One of the distinctive features of our R&D is the use of advanced fill simulations. These simulations allow us to predict and correct potential deformities in the molded part, ensuring greater precision and reducing development time. The results of these simulations guide decision-making during the design phase, allowing for an optimal definition of the mold parts, which get closer to perfection from the start.

From Design to Prototyping: A Journey Through Innovation

A crucial milestone in our R&D process is the creation of pilot molds, composed of up to 4 cavities. These pilot molds are essential for testing the functionality and usability of the design, ensuring that it fully meets the established performance criteria. The transition to the production mold only occurs after the corresponding pilot mold has been successfully created and tested.

From Engineering to Production: Precision at Every Step

However, our commitment to research and development does not stop here. We continue to refine our process through all stages, up to the final testing. During the production phase, for example, we adopt strict dimensional controls to ensure maximum precision of the components. The assembly of the mold and its subsequent testing are also subjected to a series of rigorous tests aimed at optimizing the perfect formula to provide to the client.

Additionally, we offer advanced services such as tomographic inspections, which allow us to compare existing plastic parts through a 3D scan.

This tool detects errors and deformations not visible to the eyes, enabling our team to promptly make the necessary modifications to the component.

This methodical and innovative approach exemplifies Giurgola Stampi’s commitment to research and development. Every phase of our process, from ideation to production, is driven by the pursuit of maximum precision and technical excellence, qualities that have made us a reference point in the plastic mold industry.