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LineUp: the mould lifesaver | Giurgola Stampi


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LineUp: the mold lifesafer

Prevent downtime with the LineUp control system

LineUp is an innovative control system designed by Giurgola Stampi for injection moulds.

It is able to signal and prevent anomalies during each mould closing cycle, avoiding long machine downtimes.

LineUp monitors the alignment of the two mould halves, the temperature of the plates and the pressure of the hydraulic systems, signalling any problems to the operator.

To all intents and purposes, LineUp is a lifesaver for your moulds.

Giurgola Stampi_injection mould_LineUp

Three levels of control: alignment, temperature and pressure


Through specific sensors, LineUp performs checks at three different levels:

  • the alignment of the mould in the press,
  • the temperature of the plates,
  • the pressure in the hydraulic circuits.

Multi-directional alignment (X, Y, Z) monitors the position of the fixed side and the movable side in order to prevent early and unwanted wear. The temperature of the two mould halves is constantly monitored in order to signal any anomalies. In the same way, the hydraulic systems are also monitored to prevent any changes in operating pressure.

LineUp, which is connected to the press, is able to stop production when a fault occurs, preventing damage to the mould.

LineUp has a user-friendly interface and is an intuitive and easy-to-install control unit. It is designed so that it is always easy for the operator to understand the detected problem.

In addition, the Line-Up APP will keep you updated in real time on what is happening to the mould.

LineUp awaits you at Fakuma 2024 at the Giurgola Stampi stand (hall A1 | stand 1428).