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The New Generation of Giurgola Stampi


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The New Generation of Giurgola: Innovation and Tradition in Evolution

A Legacy of Excellence

The story of Giurgola Stampi is marked by a constant commitment to innovation and quality. Over the years, the company has experienced a natural evolution, leading to the emergence of a new generation of professionals ready to take the baton and steer the company towards new milestones.

These new professionals, trained within Giurgola Stampi, bring not only deep technical knowledge but also a modern and dynamic vision that incorporates the latest production and management technologies.

The Impact of New Technologies

The new generation at Giurgola Stampi has introduced an even more technologically advanced approach, capitalizing on the experience gained and integrating 4.0 technologies. The use of advanced design software and automation of production processes has not only increased efficiency but also maintained high-quality standards.

Every phase of production is monitored in real-time thanks to advanced control systems, ensuring unprecedented precision and quality. This technological evolution allows the company to face market challenges with unmatched speed and flexibility.

Comprehensive Customer Service: From Testing to Dimensional Checks

In recent years, Giurgola Stampi has emphasized providing increasingly comprehensive service to its customers. Starting with internal testing, a service not offered by all companies in the sector, to dimensional checks performed with precision probes and tomographic analyses. These checks allow the analysis of mold cavity filling, identifying and correcting potential design errors. This 360° approach guarantees the highest quality and reliability of the final products.

For over five years, the new generation of Giurgola Stampi has been emerging, with a group of new talents ready to follow in the footsteps of their predecessors.

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