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Production Technologies 4.0

Innovation and Cutting-Edge Solutions in the Plastics Industry

Since founding Giurgola Stampi in 1983, our goal has always been clear: to become a benchmark in the production of multi-cavity injection molds for plastics.

Our constant pursuit of innovation and focus on quality have allowed us to achieve this milestone.

The introduction of Industry 4.0 has revolutionized our production methods. The connection between machines, systems, and people enables more efficient and flexible management of production processes. Within Giurgola Stampi, the integration of these technologies is evident at every stage of production, from automation and robotics to monitoring and data analysis.

We have invested in high-precision machines and robotic systems that ensure maximum efficiency. The anthropomorphic robots, active 24/7 and interconnected with various production technologies, allow us accurate control and reduced machine downtime. Data collection and analysis are fundamental to optimizing our processes.

Sensors installed on the molds and injection presses, thanks to our LineUp system, constantly monitor parameters such as temperature, pressure, and three-axis alignment. This data is sent to a cloud system, where it is analyzed to identify any anomalies and continuously improve performance.

Monitoring and Predictive Work Organization

Thanks to 4.0 technology, we can implement better predictive work organization. Analyzing historical and real-time data allows us to optimize activity planning, more accurately predict delivery times, and efficiently coordinate available resources. This approach enables us to reduce downtime and maximize productivity.

We continue to look to the future with a proactive and innovative approach. Investing in advanced technologies and continuous staff training are the elements that ensure we remain competitive and offer cutting-edge solutions.

The digital transformation taking place at Giurgola Stampi is not just a technological choice but a strategic vision that places us among the industry’s excellence. Innovation, quality, and customer focus are the values that guide our work every day, carrying forward a tradition of success that confidently faces future challenges.

The Future of Production

We look to the future with a proactive and innovative approach, constantly investing in advanced technologies and the continuous training of our personnel. This strategy allows us to maintain a leadership position in the industry and offer cutting-edge solutions.

The integration of 4.0 production technologies not only improves the efficiency and quality of our processes but also enables us to quickly adapt to market demands and provide timely responses to our customers.

We are ready to seize the new opportunities offered by digital transformation, ensuring our company’s sustainability and long-term growth.


The adoption of 4.0 production technologies has profoundly transformed our way of operating, enabling us to achieve new levels of efficiency and quality. Thanks to a team of highly qualified experts and the use of advanced machinery, we can offer innovative and high-value solutions for the plastic packaging sector. Our strategic vision, based on innovation, quality, and customer focus, guides our work every day, allowing us to face future challenges with confidence.

Giurgola Stampi continues to stand out as a cutting-edge company, ready to seize the opportunities offered by digital transformation and consolidate its position of excellence in the industry.